Whiplash FAQs

Whiplash FAQs in Davenport FL

A traumatic, adrenaline-fueled event like an auto accident can cause not only significant injury but also considerable confusion. In the aftermath of all this chaos, you may wonder whether you've sustained an injury that hasn't made its presence known yet -- or you may feeling the effects of all injury all too keenly. But what do you need to know and what should you do in a situation like this? Here at Citrus Ridge Health Center, we know you have lots of questions right now. Here are some of the most common questions about auto injury care as answered by our Davenport chiropractor, Dr. Barnhart.

What is whiplash, and what caused this pain?
When even a slow-moving vehicle comes to a sharp, sudden stop, force is transferred to the bodies of the occupants inside, and anything that isn't strapped down may go flying. In whiplash, the head flies backward and forward at high speed, throwing the cervical spine out of balance, herniating discs (which then pinch local nerves) and straining/spraining the neck's muscles and connective tissues.

What symptoms does whiplash cause?
Disc and soft tissue damage can cause acute neck pain and stiffness -- but that's just the beginning. Impinged cervical nerves in a whiplash case can produce such varied symptoms as headaches, tinnitus, impaired vision, shoulder problems, arm pain/tingling/numbness and many other discomforts.

Why does my upper back or mid-back hurt?
Sometimes whiplash can involve the nerves and tissues of the upper back. Another possible cause is a seat belt or shoulder harness injury. If your body was only restrained on one side, the other side may have flow free and twisted your trunk severely enough to cause injury.

Why am I having lower back and leg pain?
An auto impact can dislocate discs in the lower lumbar region of the spine. If those discs push against the sciatic nerve of the leg, you may experience both lower back pain and leg back, numbness or tingling sensations.

How can chiropractic treatment in Davenport and Clermont help me?
Chiropractic treatment resolves your symptoms by correcting the imbalances caused by an auto accident. If a detailed examination reveals a misalignment, we will administer adjustments to realign the trouble spot, relieving nerve impingement and facilitating soft tissue healing. We also use natural methods such as massage therapy, electro-stimulation, trigger point therapy and corrective exercises to rehabilitate injured tissues (and, where necessary, other forms of medical intervention).

I don't hurt at all. Do I still need to get a chiropractic evaluation?
Even if you don't appear injured, you need to get evaluated for possible injuries that have yet to display symptoms. If a problem exists, we need to correct it!

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