Conditions Treated with Physical Therapy in Davenport

Conditions Treated with Physical Therapy Davenport FL

At Citrus Ridge Health Center, we're proud to help patients improve their quality of life by overcoming the debilitating symptoms of chronic conditions. Ruby Fenn, our experienced physical therapist, is dedicated to relieving pain and restoring mobility with highly individualized physical therapy exercises.

Do you suffer from a chronic or recurring condition that limits your ability to move? Take advantage of Ruby's expertise at our medical clinic in Davenport, where we provide physical therapy to patients throughout Davenport FL. We treat the following conditions with a variety of comprehensive physical therapy techniques.

Hip & Shoulder Conditions
Hip dysplasia is an abnormality that affects patients of all ages, but it usually emerges before adulthood because it worsens with age. When the head of your thigh bone (femur) doesn't set fully in your hip socket, it places pressure on your joint and stretches the connective tissues (ligaments) within them. This affects your ability to walk normally, balance, and more. Your shoulder and arm function also depends on healthy, aligned joints and tissues. Chronic conditions include shoulder impingement syndrome, which irritates the tendons in your rotator cuff and inhibits movement.

We treat the symptoms of these conditions with hip stretches, leg lifts, hip abduction exercises, and other repetitive physical therapy exercises. They allow us to improve your flexibility, change your walking methods, relieve the pain associated with extra joint pressure and ligament tears, and restore your range of motion.

Back, Neck & Head Pain
Headaches are closely linked to back and neck pain. If you suffer from more than one of these three conditions, they may be connected to the same condition or alignment problem. Pain in these body parts usually results from muscle tension and nerve pressure.

Our physical therapy exercises are customized to relieve your tension and reduce the frequency and severity of your pain. Your physical therapist will measure your range of motion and evaluate your muscle strength and sensation. You may need manual therapy or daily exercises to stretch and strengthen your muscles.

Balance Training and Fall Prevention Davenport FL
In addition to treating chronic conditions and helping your injuries heal, we also provide physical therapy to prevent you from falling. This injury is most common among people 80 and older, but falling is also associated with low blood pressure, depression, dementia and other degenerative conditions, as well as the side effects of psychoactive medications and sedatives. We help patients reduce these risks with balance training.

The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) considers this therapy technique "an important and effective" way to prevent falls. At Citrus Ridge Health Center, we customize each balance training exercise to fit our patient's individual needs from . Your therapy regimen will target and improve the specific skills you need to stay upright. For example, single-leg standing exercises allow us to strengthen weak leg muscles to improve mobility and balance.

Contact us today to schedule a physical therapy appointment in our Davenport clinic. A referral from your doctor may not be required for physical therapy services.


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