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Headaches come in many types, including migraines, cluster and tension. And while each type has its own characteristics, they all have one thing in common – pain. Pain adversely affects your health, wellness and ability to perform normal daily routines. Chronic headaches affect thousands of Americans every day and attaining relief from prescribed medications and over-the-counter medications is often ineffective. For more than a century, sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) block has been on the horizon and evolved as an effective treatment for headaches. The SPG is a nerve bundle located behind the root of the nose. Doctors first used SPG block treatment in the early 1900s to reach this nerve bundle without surgery. They used lidocaine and other agents applied to the SPG in order to block the nerves. In its origin, SPG block was performed by applying a numbing medication onto cotton swabs and then placing the cotton swabs into the back of the nose. As a matter of fact, President Franklin Roosevelt opted for this treatment to treat his chronic headaches.

Effective Treatment for Headaches: SPG Block
Today, the method has evolved, and FDA-approved devices are used for performing SPG blocks. These devices entail placing a thin plastic tube into the nose and inserting numbing medication in and around the SPG. It’s basically a non-invasive procedure and a painless one. Sphenocath, Tx360 and Allevio are the most common devices used for SPG blocks. Studies completed in SPG block have proven that this treatment is effective for pain relief in headaches. Even better, this treatment works fast. Patients can get headache relief fairly quickly. Plus, it can be done often when needed.

At Citrus Ridge Health Center, we perform the medical service of SPG block. Our certified doctor will check your blood pressure and heart rate prior to the SPG block procedure. Your nose may even be numbed to help keep you more comfortable before the catheter is placed. The numbing medication will be pushed through a syringe, and the procedure is completed for each nostril. The procedure is brief and takes about 20 seconds. There’s no recovery period, and you can leave immediately after the procedure.

When it comes to treating headaches at Citrus Ridge Health Center, Dr. Barnhart often advises an integrated headache treatment plan. Treatment may include occipital nerve blocks, Botox, prescription medications, chiropractic care and massage therapy. In the right combination, an integrated headache treatment plan can bring long lasting pain relief for those who suffer from headaches.

If you’re suffering from headache pain, turn to Citrus Ridge Health Center for an effective treatment plan. Our medical team provides comprehensive and innovative new treatment for headache and migraine pain for patients living in Davenport FL.

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