Surprising Uses of Injectable Fillers

Surprising Uses of Injectable Fillers

Surprising Uses of Injectable Fillers Davenport FL

Fillers Erase Fine Lines
Another way to turn back the hands of time is with Botox. We offer Botox in Davenport at Citrus Ridge Health Center. First, you’ll discuss your problem areas with our medical doctor. Then they’ll target those areas with a Botox needle. This treatment soothes the facial muscles so they don’t work so hard. As these muscles strain less, you stop making expressions that cause or deepen wrinkles and fine lines.

The fine lines you already have will start to be less visible with regular Botox injections. You need to return at least every three months (sometimes every four months) for Botox.

We’re Also a Chiropractor in Davenport
Do you have chronic pain? Perhaps you’re just dealing with a nagging injury that won’t seem to go away. Call on us at Citrus Ridge Health Center. We're also a Davenport chiropractor. We’re staffed with physical therapists and medical physicians. Led by Ruby Fenn, our physical therapist, and Dr. Scott Barnhart, our Davenport chiropractor, services offered include homeopathy, weight loss services, massages, chiropractic adjustments, and medical management.

Our chiropractic care can reduce the symptoms associated with arthritis, inflammation, and chronic injuries.

About Citrus Ridge Health Center
Whether you need dermal fillers in Davenport, Botox in Davenport, or a chiropractor in Davenport, reach out to us at Citrus Ridge Health Center. Our other services include knee pain relief, auto accident treatment, and low testosterone treatments. With our chiropractors, personal trainers, and medical doctors, we serve patients from Davenport.

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