Have You Been In A Car Accident?

At Citrus Ridge Health Center, we have not only an experienced Davenport chiropractor on-staff, but a physical therapist, MD doctor, and other medical professionals as well. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your health and wellness needs in the area, providing you with the highest level of care. One of the more common reasons patients come into our office to see our chiropractor in Davenport is for evaluation and treatment of auto accident injuries.

Have you recently been hurt in an auto accident? Look out for whiplash. Don't delay; call our experienced auto accident chiropractor in Davenport today!

Auto Accident Injuries in Davenport: Whiplash

When it comes to auto accident injuries in Davenport, whiplash is certainly one of the most common. Specifically, whiplash refers to an injury of the spine that occurs when a person's upper body is thrown abruptly forward, such as during an auto accident. Often times, whiplash occurs in rear-ending accidents and other collisions when the upper body is thrown into the seat belt. When this happens, a great deal of strain is put on the muscles and tendons surrounding the spine, which in-turn leads to soreness, aches, and pains.

Typically, the signs of whiplash don't show up for a day or more after the initial accident, leading the person affected to think they're uninjured until the symptoms arise. Prompt treatment of whiplash is important because without it, the symptoms can worsen rather quickly. This is why it is often recommended that those who have recently been in an auto accident seek treatment from a chiropractor following the accident, even if they don't think they've been injured.

Some common symptoms of whiplash to be on the lookout for include:

  • Back and neck pain
  • Stiffness of the spine
  • Sudden headaches or migraines

How Davenport Chiropractic Care Can Help

The good news is that if you're suffering from whiplash, chiropractic care techniques can help you find relief. Here in our office, we specialize in the treatment of whiplash and related symptoms, using a number of proven chiropractic methods to help you find relief.

Often times, when an auto accident causes whiplash, part of the pain is due to the spine being thrown out of alignment. If we determine this to be the case, we may recommended a treatment known as spinal alignment or adjustment therapy, where we work to gently manipulate the spine back into proper alignment, thus reducing pain. Spinal decompression and physical therapy may also be recommended; if this is the case, we may refer you to our dedicated physical therapist in Davenport for the best treatment. Our Davenport physical therapist can assist you with corrective exercises, massage therapy for pain relief, and other measures to help you return to a normal way of life as much as possible.

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