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Davenport Physical Medicine and

Anti Aging Clinic

Celebrating 10 Years in Clermont, Davenport and the Four Corners Area

At Citrus Ridge Health Center in Four Corners, we are a medical group clinic. We have medical physicians, physical therapist and chiropractor.  We are the only local practice to combine both a medical  and natural approach to your health care.

Our Chiropractor Dr.Scott Barnhart and our physical therapist Ruby Fenn, specialize in  physical medicine, muscular skeletal injuries, auto accidents, personal injuries, and wellness care.

Located in Four Corners, we have had the great pleasure of helping hundreds of patients from seniors to pediatrics in Clermont, Davenport, Kissimmee and Winter Garden. 2014 marks our 10th Year in offering excellent patient care to the community. Some patients come to our clinic suffering from knee pain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, car accident injuries and other acute and chronic conditions. While others for general health and beauty want to stay young, fit and healthy.

Our certified doctors will carefully evaluate each patient's individual needs to recommend the right course of treatment. They take great care in treating each patient as a whole and take a great amount of time to work with each patient's specific health needs though medical management, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, massage, nutritional weight loss services, homeopathy and cosmetic procedures.

Are you looking for a natural solution to headaches or back pain? A non surgical answer to knee pain or hip pain? Or perhaps ways to get well and stay well that avoid drugs or surgery? Maybe you want a team that will work together and combine both forms of medicine. You're in the right place! Because finding the right  qualified team of medical doctor, chiropractor, and physical therapist in four corners-area begins and ends right here!

Dr. Scott Barnhart

Davenport physical therapist | Clermont physical therapist 
Davenport Chiropractor | Clermont chiropractor

Citrus Ridge Health Center | 863-256-5030

109 Lake Davenport Blvd
Davenport, FL 33897

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