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Family Practice ________

Dr. Rosselot is Board Certified in Family Practice. She has practiced Family Practice, Urgent Care, Emergency Medicine, and Aesthetics during her 30 years in practice. Her training in Osteopathic Medicine which focuses on a holistic approach to the patient, musculoskeletal pathology, and manipulative therapy compliments our practice’s focus on musculoskeletal diseases, injury and rehabilitation. Her practice interests also include Aesthetics, Wellness, Weight Loss, and Hormone Replacement Therapy for men and women.

Dr. Rosselot graduated from the Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences in 1984 with a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine. She then completed a year of internship at what is now Florida Hospital East Orlando, a year of General Surgery at Baptist Medical Center of Brooklyn, NY, and a residency in Family Practice at Des Moines General Hospital. Prior to medical school she earned a B.S. in Medical Technology from Kansas State University.


Physical Therapy ________

My physical therapy experience all started at the young age of fourteen.

I began transcribing evaluations, daily notes, and even quality assurance reports for my father, who owned his own private practice and had contracts with the local hospital as well as nursing homes in Yuma, AZ. Around the age of sixteen, I began my adventure in physical therapy patient care working as a technician at Yuma Regional Medical Center on the weekends with my father and two brothers.

I became more intrigued and grew fonder of this great profession while being able to work with patients one on one and to see their improvement as they would get well enough to be discharged from this hospital.

I felt so happy and proud that I was able to contribute to these patient's road to recovery and good health. This was when I knew physical therapy was my calling so I decided to attend Northern Arizona University after high school from 1994- 2001. It was the only school in Arizona that had a Physical Therapy program at that time.

I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a doctorate in physical therapy in 2001. I took my licensing board exam in Arizona where I initially practiced for approximately one year until moving to Las Vegas, NV. I spent twelve years practicing as a physical therapist in Las Vegas, NV. Working in many facets of the physical therapy profession, I gained experience in orthopedics and workers' compensation care. I then ventured into pulmonary rehabilitation and the rehabilitation of our veterans while practicing with the Nevada State Veterans Home skilled nursing facility. My work experiences also included multiple years with home health agencies aiding in the rehabilitation of the geriatric population. In my later years practicing physical therapy in the Las Vegas area, I chose to broaden my horizons even more and started working with the pediatric and neurological patient population. In 2013 I returned to Yuma, Arizona, where I practiced with my brother at our family-owned business for five years and provided therapy for primarily orthopedics, post-surgical, and workers' compensation patients.

In September 2018, I moved to the Orlando, FL area in order to be closer to my husband's family and worked in outpatient physical therapy.

Finally connecting with Dr. Scott Barnhart and settling here at Citrus Ridge Health Center. I am excited to bring a variety of knowledge and extensive experience to this practice. I have also experienced great success with the evaluation and treatment of sacroiliac dysfunction in patients of all ages.

I enjoy working together as a medical team with facility chiropractors, nurse practitioners, and supporting staff to heal everyone.


ARNP ________

Bio coming SOON!


Chiropractor ________

My journey with Chiropractic began when I was in high school and just seventeen. My parents visited a local chiropractor regularly, and when I was injured playing football it was the obvious answer to take me along for a visit. I remember the terrible pain from my lower back through my right hip hurt and I had a hard time getting around without pain. I thought I would never play football again.

The doctor did an exam, looking at my posture and examining my spine and hip. He had found that I had a pinched nerve that was causing the pain. He then gave me my first "adjustment". The adjustment didn't hurt. It actually felt good. After a series of adjustments, my body began to heal itself and I was able to return to sports again. I was pain free.

Over the years I saw this chiropractor as not only a great doctor, but also as a great mentor. He explained to me that the body is a great organism that wants to heal its self. He also explained that chiropractics does not treat the symptom but tries to find the root cause of the patient's problem. Everything he said just made complete sense. This thing called chiropractic inspired me so much I wanted to help others the same way I had been helped. As you can guess, I became a Chiropractor myself.



I earned my bachelors of arts in science degree at Tennessee University and then my doctorate of chiropractic at Life University, one of the world's leaders in chiropractic education. After graduating I returned to my root here in Clermont. I spotted the need for my services in the Four Corners area and opened Four Corners Chiropractic Centers in Clermont in 2003. It has been my great pleasure to serve the Clermont and Davenport community ever since.

It didn't take long for many of my patients to start asking for other services from myself and the clinic. In 2010 we offered our patients a hormone balancing weight loss program and in 2011 we opened a new clinic, Citrus Ridge Health Center. We conbined our well know chiropractic and weight loss services with many new medical treatments for managing pain. This gives me the ability to work side by side with a medical physician to give each of my patients complete care and treat the body as a whole.

I am an active member of the Florida Chiropractic Society and as a member of the Four Corners board of directors and I am committed to helping make this area its own community. I am happily married and my wife shares my respect for natural health giving birth to 2 of our 3 beautiful children at home. We both love living in Florida, and love the outdoors. We thank our blessing that our children are the picture of health and have received regular Chiropractic treatment since birth.

I do truly believe in Chiropractics and do not take antibiotics, pain relievers or any other prescription medication myself. I believe in following a healthy life style and love to help my patients achieve their goals -- be it a healthier lifestyle or just pain relief and better posture.

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