Knee Pain Relief - without Surgery

Knee Pain Relief in Davenport FL

In just a few short weeks, your knee pain may be reduced or possibly eliminated - without a lifetime dependency on oral medications, or the need for surgery.

If you're currently dealing with knee or joint pain, then you're not alone. Over one third of Americans report experiencing knee pain in their daily life. According to most studies, knee pain is actually the second most common cause of chronic pain, and one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.

Book graphicAt Citrus Ridge Medical Center, we offer a FREE Report that reveals details of a FDA cleared Non-Surgical treatment option that has helped countless knee pain sufferers get their lives back.

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Are you a candidate for Non Surgical Knee Rehab?

  • Are your knees very stiff in the morning?
  • Do your knees hurt when going up or down stairs?
  • Do you frequently take ibuprofen or aspirin for knee pain?
  • Do the activities you enjoy cause pain around your knees?
  • Have you been told that you need knee replacement surgery?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for a successful Non-surgical treatment program to relieve your knee pain.

Why is knee pain so common? And what can be done to relieve it?
Healthy knees are vitally important to normal daily function. If there is too much weight on the joint, this can lead to stress and damage in the knee. Equally, acute injuries or improper technique during physical tasks can also cause stress and damage. Other factors, such as age, footwear, and lifestyle choices, including nutrition and smoking, can all affect our joint health and our ability to heal. Many methods exist for treating and relieving joint and knee pain.

This treatment involves the injection of a jelly-like fluid into the joint space of the affected knee. This fluid, called hyaluronic acid, is found naturally within our joints, and acts as a lubricant and shock absorber. People with knee osteoarthritis tend to have less of this naturally occurring fluid. When it is injected into the joint, the hyaluronic acid can relieve pain and improve joint mobility. Viscosupplementation has found to be especially helpful for patients in the earlier stages of arthritis.

Plasma and Stem Cell Treatment
One of the more recent advances in the management of joint pain is the use of plasma and stem cell injections (in this case, the stem cells used are derived from amniotic sacs, not embryos). Platelet-rich plasma, derived from a patient's own blood, has been used with great success in our patients, given its high concentration of growth factors which can restore damaged cartilage. Similarly, studies have found that injecting stem cells into a knee afflicted with osteoarthritis can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and even facilitate re-growth of lost or damaged tissue and cartilage.

Knee Pain Results!
We are proud to say that our patients from Davenport FL at Citrus Ridge Health Center have achieved tremendously successful outcomes as a result of our medical services. If you are currently suffering from joint pain or knee pain, call our office in Davenport, FL today. Set up an appointment with our medical physician and get the relief you deserve.


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