Low Testosterone in Davenport

Low Testosterone in Davenport FL

Do you suffer with these Symptoms?

  • Loss of energy and Motivation
  • Loss of Muscle Tone and Increased Fat Stores
  • Loss of Libido or sexual function (sometimes erectile dysfunction)
  • Loss of Mental Clarity or Brain Fog
  • Feeling Fatigued, Tired or Weak.

You could be suffering with Low Testosterone!
After the age of 30, testosterone levels in men decline each year. This is known of andropause.

However lower than normal testosterone levels can cause unlivable symptoms for many men. Some causes of low testosterone include hereditary, stress, alcoholism, obesity, chronic illnesses and certain medications.

Testosterone is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics, and is the male hormone that controls muscle mass, sense of well-being, and sexual function. It also helps promote healthy sperm production and protect against bone loss and heart disease.

How do I Know If I have Low Testosterone?
By completing a simple doctors exam at our clinic, can help the doctor identify whether you may have low testosterone and a simple blood test will reveal your testosterone levels.

Will my Insurance Cover This?
Yes. Many major medical insurance companies, including medicare, will cover the exam and blood tests for low testosterone. In fact, if your blood tests reveal lower than normal testosterone levels, your insurance may even cover the treatment.

Testosterone Replacement and Pellets can be covered by your insurance!

Where Do I Start?
Start by scheduling a discreet Men's Health appointment with our Hormone replacement certified doctors at our Davenport, Four Corners clinic. After an evaluation and history a simple blood test will be done and a follow up appointment scheduled with in a few days. The doctor will work with your insurance and you to determine the right treatment and explain your options.


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