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Addressing pain in your back often requires professional assistance. While back pain does not always relate to the nerves and the spine, it often stems from pressure or problems in the spine. Recognizing your treatment options and working on a natural strategy for pain relief allows you to improve your lifestyle and quality of life. Spinal decompression refers to the use of gentle stretches and pressure to straighten out the spine and encourage better function or mobility. A chiropractor at our Davenport clinic helps with the process by using appropriate tools and movements based on the problems associated with the excess pressure.
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Since pressure in certain points on your spine causes pain, general discomfort or even a herniated disc, you must address the problem with help from a professional to reduce the risk of complications. Chiropractic care uses decompression therapy to reduce the pressure and move the spine into proper alignment for better mobility and movement.

How Spinal Decompression Helps with Pain at Citrus Ridge Health Center
The way spinal decompression helps with back pain depends on your situation and the cause of your pain. Generally, it reduces the excess pressure on the nerves, which helps improve the natural function of your body and spine. The therapy also uses gentle stretches and movements to encourage better posture and alignment in your spine.
Depending on the cause of your pain, the treatment helps address the underlying cause of the discomfort. It is particularly helpful for herniated or bulging discs as well as generalized pain in your back.

When to Talk to a Davenport Chiropractor
Talking to a chiropractor about back pain depends on your situation and needs. As a general rule, you should discuss the situation when you have any sudden and excessive pain in your back without a clear warning. For example, if you pick up a heavy object and get sudden back pain, then a chiropractor may assist with your discomfort.
Chronic back pain is another reason to consider talking to a chiropractor for decompression therapy. Since the pain may stem from excess pressure on your nerves, a professional provides the tools to address the discomfort.

We also recommend seeking professional chiropractic treatment after an accident. Whether the pain stems from a car accident or an accident at work, we provide appropriate tools to address the pain and encourage the healing process. We also take time to evaluate the symptoms and identify the underlying cause of the pain before developing a treatment plan. By personalizing the treatment plan, your health improves and you address the discomfort associated with lingering or new injuries from the accident.

Back pain is a problem many individuals face throughout their life. It stems from multiple causes, including muscle pain, broken bones or even pressure on your nerves. At our clinic, we address the pain with natural strategies based on your needs and situation. To learn more about treating back pain with decompression therapy or to set up an appointment with a professional, contact us today.


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